Psi Chi Store


Merchandise website for Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology.


Brand Update


Created a new logo arrangement for better clarity and distinction between the store and Psi Chi's main website.




Designed T-shirts based on psychological ideas and principles such as a serotonin "Good Vibes," "Psychology Scholar, Not a Psychic," Maslow's hierarchy of needs, glial brain cell support, as well as an all-over, logo sock design.



Utilized more lifestyle photography over isolated product imagery. By trying to circumnavigate limitations during COVID-19 pandemic, the focus turned to a more organic, social media style of photography with accessorizing to create a mood and using natural settings that mirror a warm dorm room or college campus.


Website Update


Incorporated elements from the original store’s website design for a general look of consistency, but added more emphasis on merchandise photography and curation of products. Added a prominent landing image to create a better sense of “welcoming” and to allow for updates with the latest offers and new products.

Email Design


Designed new Psi Chi Store emails for potential drip campaigns, promotion, and product launches. The overall design is simplistic for ease of creation for non-designers and to allow for quick email pushes.