Night Stars


Holiday landscape lighting product line.


Brand Redesign


An overhaul of the Night Stars brand identity was necessary to better fit the aesthetic and customer base of retailers like Target. The brand needed to move away from a hardware store, utility look and more towards a home goods style product.



While maintaining the same general layout of the previous Night Stars packaging of a lifestyle photo and product image on the front, color was used to create a more cheerful design in contrast to dark photos. By using green as the main brand color, the secondary color became a way to signify the holiday theme, such as red for Christmas and orange for Halloween. The information bar was also reused from previous design, but now employed the use of colorful icons to convey the many features of each product for a more succinct and visually interesting design element.


Sales Collateral


Adapted the packaging design to catalog and sales card layouts to maintain brand consistency and emphasize brand recognition for buyers.